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Do you know that every Aikido technique has philosophical meaning? Join our community to learn to translate the practical, historical and philosophical value of Aikido, into a tool for your everyday life. 

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Now turn your Aikido practice on the mat into a practical toolkit for self-development

O’Sensei was a great martial artist, who created aikido as a tool for self-improvement. As he intended, use Aikido to improve yourself and the world around you. What if you could use Aikido to live a more fulfilling and balanced life, improve habits and be an inspiration?

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Practice your techniques at your dojo and expand your Aikido philosophy at the same time with ADLD

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Transform your Aikido knowledge to a self development guide for life. As O'Sensei intended.
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Understanding the wisdom of Aikido

Few people, at his time, were able to understand the message of personal development that O’Sensei created. If you are here, it means that you want to learn more than just train the body and the mind. Learn more than what all martial arts offer.

In ADLD I build on the knowledge of Rinjiro Shirata Sensei (10th dan, student of O’Sensei 1931 – 1969) and professor John Stevens (7th dan, lifetime researcher and translator of O’Sensei works), adding my experience as a family doctor, counsellor and 6th Dan Aikido instructor.

All philosophical aspects of Aikido will be dissected and put into different courses with easy to follow guides to implement in your training and daily life. 

The courses will not intervene with your regular training at your Dojo, but instead will enrich it.  

Additionally, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask direct questions to the instructor and other experts in the field, engage with like minded people and share your Aikido experiences off the mat. 

Most importantly, live a brighter and more balanced life, by unlocking Aikidos practical philosophy.

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Courses Curriculum

To practice Aikido, we go to the Dojo. It is a safe place to fail, to grow, to experiment. We can leave our worries behind.
To make the whole world our dojo, we must make a conscious transition. This mini course will cover dojo history, culture, and community.

Mindset is a conscious thing.
Aikido offers a great collection of meaningful exercises to prepare, focus and train our body, mind and even speech. Take these exercises/practices to daily life to be and stay prepared, relaxed, and focused

All Aikido techniques fit into 9 pillars. Some pillars have deep and extensive meaning, some carry a simple but strong principle. These pillars are Shiho, Irimi, Kaiten, Kokyu, Osae, Ushiro, TenChi, Aiki-Ken/Aiki-Jo, Ukemi. 

It will be a very extensive course. Every technique will come to life and its philosophical principle will be available on demand. Not to just throw somebody, but a tool for daily life.

Aikido has a lot to offer for stress, anxiety, depression burnout, relational or work problems etcetera. Not as a replacement of therapy when needed, but as preventive or extra tools to gain more life balance.


If you know, the tools OSensei put into Aikido, are not random, but meant to help you grow and develop as a person. In his view to unite Heaven and Earth. In other words, to get the best out of yourself as a human being in all aspects. Live an inspired life, face, and conquer challenges.
In this course you will learn just that. We will move from Religious to Spiritual (big Yikes for many people), to Philosophical, to practical tools for personal development. 

Be one of our founding members and enjoy a lifetime discount.  Help me grow my courses and join our ADLD members only live Zoom Sessions.

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There are 6 subjects that I am already working on, that will be released in the upcoming year.

Additional subjects will be chosen or requested by the community as the ADLD community grows.
Go ahead and browse what I am preparing for you:

About your instructor

WIlbert Sluiter

  • 45 years martial arts
  • 35 years of Aikido 
  • 13 months uchi deshi in Japan
  • Dojo Cho Heiwakan Aikido The Hague
  • Head of grading committee
  • International guest instructor
  • Family Doctor, Counsellor
  • Mindfulness instructor
  • Certified cheese and chocolate lover!!!

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A growing collection of courses and content to improve yourself through Aikido philosophy. Monthly live sessions with Q&A. Easily combined with your regular training in your own dojo. Guides for practical implementation to your modern day life. 

For a brighter, more balanced, Aikido equipped life!


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